Delinquent taxes are considered taxes that haven’t been paid in the year they were due, which can include federal, state and/or local levels. Delinquent taxes accumulate interest and penalties on a regular – often monthly – basis, so it’s very important to contact a tax specialist as soon as you are aware you are delinquent.

Unpaid taxes can be a serious issue for many taxpayers because, most often, if they haven’t paid their taxes, it was because they couldn’t. However, taxpayers who don’t have the monies to repay their taxes immediately can often negotiate a lesser settlement with the help of a tax attorney.

Your tax attorney will help you file your delinquent taxes by gathering important documents and locating any missing paperwork the IRS needs, as well as collecting all necessary information from your employer, bank and other sources. Once the IRS has all of this information, you and your tax specialists will be able to provide a plan for payment and hopefully avoid any levies, wage garnishment or liens against you and your properties.

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