While there is no easy way to receive IRS amnesty for past-due taxes, there are some options that we can explore with our clients, including the IRS Debt Forgiveness Program. We will work directly with the IRS and can most often secure a lower tax debt, and/or reduced penalties and fees, so you can get back on your feet and working toward financial freedom.

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When the IRS is considering forgiving tax debt, the present financial situation of the taxpayer is taken into consideration, which means that the IRS can’t collect more than the taxpayer can pay. If the amount of back taxes that the IRS is looking to collect would force the taxpayer into a financial crisis, the IRS cannot collect these taxes.

If that is the case, we will work on our client’s behalf to secure an Offer in Compromise, which is a compromise between the taxpayer and the IRS where the taxpayer, based on his/her resources, will only be responsible for paying a partial amount of their tax debt. The IRS will even allow this partial amount (with the rest forgiven) to be paid in one lump sum or over monthly payments.

If our client wishes to not disclose his/her extensive financial details to determine their paying ability, our client could qualify for the Fresh Start Initiative, which has more flexible rules. This Initiative offers taxpayers the benefit of having the IRS look at only one or two years of future income to assess paying power, which was reduced from five years; allowing taxpayers to make minimum payments on their student loans; paying late federal, state and local taxes in monthly payments; and increasing the standard allowance for the Allowable Living Expense.

Because Tax Debt Forgiveness is so important to your current and future livelihood, it is important to put your trust in a company with experience in this field. At Creative Tax Solutions, our team will work diligently to get you the highest reduction of your delinquent taxes, as well as secure a payment plan that works for your budget. Giving you back your financial peace of mind is our main goal, and we will be with you and your family through the entire process.

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